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Home Contents Insurance

Premiums have increased on average by 10% leaving most people questioning the need for it.

Home contents insurance, is it really necessary? I suppose when the annual renewal comes around we ask ourselves that question every time. In 2010 the average home content cover premium rose by 10%, and it’s that kind of regular increase that has people asking if they really need home contents cover. Many people when cutting back on spending will look at insurance and feel that they are actually paying for something that they really don’t need and will hopefully never need to claim on. Car insurance is different as it’s a legal requirement if you want to have a vehicle on the road, but home insurance is not necessary just advisable. So do you need home contents insurance? The answer is a resounding, yes. The question you probably should be asking yourself is how can I get cheaper home contents insurance, and that question has lots of different answers.

Anyone who has gone through the misery of discovering they have been burgled will tell you that having contents insurance softens the blow. Imagine the horror of a burglary and you have no insurance, that is why it’s really important to have home contents cover in place.  It’s probably more important than ever to have your contents insured as burglaries increased 14% in 2010-2011. We insure against the unthinkable all of the time whether it be health insurance, buildings insurance or pet insurance, so insurance for our possessions should be no different.

Importance Of Being Covered

You can keep your insurance costs down by doing just a few simple things. Firstly have as much security as possible on/in your home. Insurance companies like security as it reduces the risk you pose to them, hence a reduced premium. It isn’t just the security of the doors and windows that matter it’s smoke alarms, pipe lagging and keeping your home in good general repair, all of those things reduce risk also.

Keeping Costs Down

When choosing your cover you need to look at many things. Do you really need accidental damage cover? If you have a few young children in the house then yes you may have a greater need for accidental damage, if however there are two careful adults in the house the need is much less. Look at your voluntary excess and see if you could afford to up it as that can bring home contents insurance premiums down substantially. You have the means at your disposal to get the cost of your home contents insurance to a more manageable amount so use them.

Choose The Right Level Of Cover

Finding The Best Deal

New customers are targeted with better deals from home insurance providers.

If you have been with the same insurance provider for years then you really won’t be getting the best deal with your insurance. Most insurers offer up their best deals for new customers and that is why you shouldn’t stick with the same insurance provider too long. There is no question of the validity of shopping around and comparing deals and prices, as that is the best way to get any kind of reduction with your home contents insurance. One thing people often forget to do is re-assess their cover level, and that can be crucial in keeping the costs down and ensuring you’re in for no surprises when or if you have to make a claim.